Friday, October 2, 2015

An Excellent Trick To Lose Those Annoying Inches

As I women who has had a baby I know how annoying it is to have that extra fat around the waist and tummy that you just cannot seem to shift ! I have found a way to lose inches off of your waist by completing a simple exercise that can easily be carried out at home. I know this will appeal because so many of us do not have the time to join the gym, and its a good bet that if you do join one the novelty will wear off very quickly, so not only will you have the guilt of joining a gym and not going you will not be throwing away that money we all so badly need.

The exercise is known as the "vacuum pose" and you will be pleased to hear it has nothing to do with cleaning the house. (Although housework is a good way to lose some calories as well !)As a vacuum pulls up the dirt from your carpet and makes it disappear, this exercise pulls in your tummy makes it disappear.

All you have to do is pull in your tummy from your belly button - make sure you do not pull in the upper stomach area. So pull in your tummy as much as you can into your lower back. Once you can't pull any more, hold it for as long as you can - try for 15-60 seconds. Then rest and repeat.
Women who do this for 5 mins a day for a month or so can average a 1.75 inch loss of fat from their waists.

The 5 min slots can be done at any time during the day - so don't feel you have to stand and pull, stand an pull for a full 5 mins at a time. The great thing is you can do this anywhere. Waiting for the bus; the children to come out of school etc. You will easily fit in the 5 mins (probably more once you get into it) every day.

Doing the exercise for longer bursts should give you the benefit of losing more inches in a month, so if you want to up the time, there is a good chance you will see more benefit. Why not try to do it during the advertisements in your favourite TV show? Most 1 hour tv shows have about 15 minutes of ads. So if you did this only during the Commercials of 1 show everyday, you'd get in quite a bit of time and could be looking at losing 3 inches off your waist without disturbing your schedule. I know in the end you will be doing this without thinking.

I am doing it as I write this article - no sweating or puffing - how good is that!
Try this and I am sure you will see results and be very impressed. Then invite your friends round for a summer BBQ and great them in your new skimpy bikini! Bet its not long before they ask you how you did it.

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